Main reasons to be against the mega-dump:


  • • The key environmental problem of landfills is groundwater pollution from leachates (the liquid that drains or 'leaches' from a landfill). 
  • • According to the EPA, the probability of a landfill leaking is “very high.”
  • • The mega-dump is being proposed adjacent to the Duck River, currently one of the most bio-diverse waterways in the country.
  • • Pollution of the local groundwater supply will damage water quality; hurting local farmers and homeowners who rely on wells. 
  • • Air quality will be damaged from increased odors and dust.
  • • Tons of garbage could be brought in daily– but the applicant has not disclosed how many trucks and which routes will be affected.
  • • The negative impacts will lower property values for the entire region.
  • • This out-of-state company is unknown in the community, and won’t say who the financial backers are. They have no local stake in protecting our environment and the future health of our community.
  • • The application does not mention a liner or cap system. 
  • • The dump may be able to expand again in the future.
  • • As part of the 5,200 acres of Monsanto land the Colorado company bought in 2009, they acquired 2 landfills - one that is closed, and another that they now operate. They have already been cited by the Tennessee Department of Environmental and Conservation office for groundwater contamination (February 2011)  

If the company can’t manage a 20 acre landfill without polluting our groundwater with Arsenic, Beryllium, Thallium, Antimony and Cadmium, how can we trust them with 845 acres?  We simply cannot.